From Lemons Comes Lemonade May 4, 2020

Advanced Transformer Infrastructure is a solution that uses highly accurate self-contained fast and easily installed sensors.


COVID-19 Spawns Remote Electricity Grid Monitoring Mar 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an immediate need for remote, perpetual electricity grid monitoring[...]


GRID20/20 Recognized: Top 10 Smart Grid Solution Provider – 2019 Nov 21, 2019

Advanced Transformer Infrastructure™ Delivers Proactive Grid Management Support to New Demands


Advanced Transformer Infrastructure (ATI)™ Released by GRID20/20, Inc. Jul 16, 2019

GRID20/20 announced today the release of its pioneering offering designed to facilitate Grid Modernization.


Advanced Transformer Infrastructure (ATI)™ represents the next step in Grid Modernization Jun 21, 2019

Grid Modernization is no longer a luxury… it is now a necessity! ATI represents the next phase of our smart grid evolution.


Hawaiian Electric and GRID20/20 Tag Team DER Apr 10, 2018

GRID20/20 announced today the release of its Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Case Study involving Hawaiian Electric Company.


GRID20/20 and DVI deliver Grid Optimization for Canada Mar 20, 2018

GRID20/20 and DVI, a subsidiary of Dominion Energy and leader in Volt/VAR optimization solutions, have teamed up to address the growing energy efficiency needs throughout Canada.


GRID20/20 Unleashes Intra-grid Data Flow Mar 6, 2018

GRID20/20 has assembled an emerging big-data supply source for the electric utility industry. The company is continuously extracting unique intra-grid data from within distribution grids throughout the US, Canada, and a series of growing international locations.


GRID20/20 recognized by Zpryme Nov 7, 2017

GRID20/20 selected by Zpryme, Austin Energy, and Austin Technology Incubator as the 2017 Smart Cities and Smart Utilities Pilot Pitch competition winner.


Instant Smart Transformers Nov 4, 2017

Throughout the history of electricity grids, distribution transformers have been regarded as low-level assets [...]

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