GRID20/20 offers a World-Class Distribution Transformer Monitoring solution known as OptaNODE™



GRID20/20′s integrated solution is reliable, data accurate, versatile, and cost effective, allowing for identification and prediction of distribution network issues.



The OptaNODE™ family features patented sensors and backend software, integrated through flexible communication options to maximize distribution efficiencies and distribution optimization.



The OptaNODE™ solution directly reduces operating costs by pinpointing losses, accelerating outage detection, foreseeing predictive maintenance needs, enabling targeted demand response, and offering CVR enhancements.

Return on Investment

GRID20/20 has created a Business Case development tool that allows electric utility personnel to estimate their Return On Investment (ROI) when deploying the OptaNODE™ Distribution Transformer Monitoring solution. This helpful approach yields a snapshot view of the rapid payback value associated with most deployment instances and allows for capital budgeting purposes.

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The Electricity Operator with GRID20/20 Vision

GRID20/20's OptaNODE™ Solution - for utility operators who SERIOUSLY want to reduce their distribution losses, and improve their efficiencies.

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