OptaNODE™ - Best in Class Distribution Transformer Monitors

GRID20/20's patented technology leverages the data and strategic location value of distribution transformers to provide Utilities with unparalleled intra-grid intelligence.

One Solution. Multiple Value Propositions.

The unique capabilities presented by GRID20/20's OptaNODE™ solution to capture and report a host of data points within the most dynamic and vulnerable segment of the grid is becoming a versatile game-changer for utilities around the world. The OptaNODE™ DTM immediately converts transformers from simple workhorse assets into valuable intelligent nodes.

Multiple Value Propositions

Patented Coreless Current Sensing Technology. Wide-range accuracy.

Designed upon exclusive patented sensing technology, and based on utilities input, OptaNODE™ DTM (Distribution Transformer Monitor) devices, deliver high accuracy readings over a wide range of operating voltages and currents, while their unique form factor offers the easiest and fastest installation time on the market.

Coreless Current Sensor
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Powerful intra-grid information in the palm of your hand

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Energy In-efficiency occurs in many ways resulting in a series of Key Drivers for DTM intra-grid sensor Implementation. Real Energy Efficiency is now achievable.

Line Loss

Line Loss

The OptaNODE™ solution helps Utilities identify costly, undetected non-technical and technical loss, that AMI/AMR cannot accurately identify.

Voltage Optimization

Voltage Optimization

Accurate intra-grid Voltage information enables CVR to reduce peak demand costs, and improve proper energy delivery levels.

DER integration

DER Integration

By monitoring Voltage Fluctuations & Reverse Power Flows, utilities can safely manage their grid and effectively select distributed storage locations.

Outage Notification

Outage Notification

OptaNODE™ DTM devices can notify operators of power interruptions, enabling faster location of outages, and accelerating restoration.

OptaNODE™ DTM intra-grid sensors drive a long list of value propositions

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Utilities around the world are leveraging intra-grid sensors information from OptaNODE™ Distribution Transformer Monitors.

89 million

Datasets recorded

1.157 billion

Data points read


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Success Stories


MOE Smart Grid Project

The Ontario Ministry of Energy recognized GRID20/20 as a Success Story resulting from its proactive Smart Grid Fund initiative.

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Theft Detection

Intra-grid sensors help California Utility identify over $630,000.00 of illicit activity.

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GRID20/20 Completes Verizon LTE Integration Apr 5, 2017

GRID20/20 has successfully added Verizon LTE cellular communications to its patented intra-grid sensor solution suite.


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As part of an overall Smart Grid solution, Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM) devices provide data to facilitate distributed generation, reduce outages, enhance asset supervision, and provide the tools for analysis of system loss including end-user meter reconciliation.

Rapidly deployable, OptaNODE™ DTM devices fulfill the utilities’ need for flexible, and compact devices, with safe, and quick installation capabilities.

GRID20/20's OptaNODE™ Solution - for utility operators who SERIOUSLY want to reduce their distribution loss, and improve their efficiencies - Learn more by watching this video.