Intra-Grid Sensors Gaining Acceptance and Adding Operational Value

Richmond, VA — GRID20/20, Inc., a leading Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM) intra-grid sensor provider released information concerning its ongoing project efforts with CenterPoint Energy in Houston, Texas.

CenterPoint Energy has performed extensive lab testing, and lengthy field evaluation of the GRID20/20 OptaNODE® DTM suite of patented sensors.

Alan Snook, President of GRID20/20 stated, “We have worked closely with the progressive-minded team at CenterPoint Energy to ensure a positive evaluation of our Best-In-Class sensors. We are tremendously encouraged by the results, and we now look forward to driving meaningful value for CenterPoint Energy, and their valued customer base.”

As part of CenterPoint Energy’s ongoing commitment to improve the management of its distribution grid, the OptaNODE® DTM sensors have been deployed throughout areas within Houston. Their extensive testing has validated the high level of reliability and accuracy provided by the unique GRID20/20 offering. It is clear there are plans to continue adding more of GRID20/20’s patented intra-grid sensors within the Houston grid to further enhance both power service delivery and customer service quality.

Susan Neel, ‎Senior Director – Electric Market Operations at CenterPoint Energy commented, “We have rigorously tested the GRID20/20 OptaNODE® DTM devices, and are very pleased with their performance. These sensors have given us excellent, detailed insight into our grid, which very nicely sets the stage for powerful data mining and further proactive grid and revenue management efforts on a going forward basis.”

The OptaNODE® DTM sensors provide CenterPoint Energy with increased vision into its distribution system as a whole, delivering a critical series of historical and real time intra-grid data points. This vital information reveals accurate transformer loading, enables improved transformer health monitoring and proper sizing, identifies grid anomalies, permits a better understanding of system losses, and is now being leveraged to improve outage notifications and power restoration response efforts. Over 2.1 million unique, intra-grid readings have been captured for CenterPoint Energy during this evaluation process.

Snook further commented, “GRID20/20 delivers a growing list of value propositions and cost savings advantages for utilities worldwide. We are pleased to collaborate with the tremendous team at CenterPoint Energy to advance grid intelligence in a myriad of ways, help reduce operating costs, and perpetuate our solution into this tremendous marketplace. We are especially honored to have our devices now represented within CenterPoint Energy’s prestigious Education Information Center (EIC) which is a facility that clearly demonstrates the exceptional forward thinking of this utility’s pioneering leadership.”

GRID20/20 has created its OptaNODE® DTM intra-grid sensor suite to purposefully leverage the strategic value of dynamic data available at distribution transformers. The company’s “hands-free” automated alert feature anchors their new GRID Watchdog capability which notifies utility operators when grid and/or transformer performance conditions occur outside of pre-programmed tolerances.

This announcement of developments at CenterPoint Energy comes on the heels of GRID20/20’s recent disclosure of deployment success at Hawaiian Electric Company where the largest DTM deployment in the US is now represented on the island of Oahu.

GRID20/20 has logged initial deployment activity within six (6) countries, and expects more international activity in the coming months. GRID20/20’s ISO 9001 manufactured devices have successfully reported more than forty four (44) million intra-grid data reads to its growing list of domestic and international utility customers.