Sacramento Municipal Utility District

We quickly identified over $60K of recoverable power theft across 5 cases in late 2015. We continue to locate power theft instances, and recently identified one power theft case where we will recover over $100,000.00 as a result of the OptaNODE® DTM devices. We are very pleased with the performance and capability of these sensors.

San Diego Gas & Electric

It was a great experience to work with GRID20/20. They are professional and flexible to serve their customers. The OptaNODE® DTM devices are great products and easily installed in minutes. We use the DTM devices for our mesh network extension in addition to monitor the transformers.

University of Utah

The Utah Smart Energy Lab is using the GRID20/20 PDTM devices to facilitate studies involving Electric Vehicle charging stations. The GRID20/20 devices are easy to install/initializing automatically, their documentation is comprehensive, and their cellular communications is reliable. The GRID20/20’s team has been very responsive to answer questions about the devices.


The OptaNODE® DTM devices have been invaluable so far. Our experience with them has been extremely positive. In fact, I was presenting at a conference this week and specifically put in a good word for the OptaNODE® DTM devices.

Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation

The two OptaNODE® PDTM-GSM units that we’ve installed in our Vaults are working great! The voltage is running a little high and I’ve brought this to the attention of the Lines Department and Control Room Manager.

Prior to GRID20/20, we never knew how the Vault transformers were behaving. Now with GRID20/20, we can monitor the status of each unit to help determine:

  • Possible performance issues
  • Temperatures (which may indicate potential imminent failures)
  • Over/under voltage
  • Over/under loading
  • Energy theft

It will also help us in determining the size of replacement transformers when the need arises. Maybe the 1000kVA transformer in Vault A is too big… a 750kVA might suffice.

Without GRID20/20, we would never know the answer to that question.

Independence Power & Light

Our experience with the GRID20/20 devices has been excellent. Our last installation has helped us for voltage monitoring during load transfers. They have proven to be quite useful.

Maui Electric Company

The GRID20/20 OptaNODE® solution is a ‘game-changer’ and will assist us in taking positive steps in resolving customer and grid concerns here on Molokai.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

It was a true pleasure working with the entire GRID20/20 team – all true professionals. In addition, we really are excited about the DTM products.

EnWin Utilties

The GRID20/20 devices that we are utilizing to gain further insight into our grid have proven to be a powerful tool for us. We are able to have more vision into the system as a whole, such as the loading directly at the transformer, improved transformer health monitoring, better understanding of system losses and we are looking at ways to use this information to improve our outage notifications. The team at GRID20/20 has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Connexus Energy

We deployed the GRID20/20 OptaNODE® solution with a few points as a pilot in a single day and data was available in our SCADA as well as via their software that afternoon. Their system performed very well and was easy to deploy and use.

Smithville Electric System

I believe the OptaNODE® DTM and OptaNODE® HESS products are very unique scalable offerings which could enhance utility efficiency in ways like a “Swiss Army Knife” with the smallest or largest utilities. While a small utility could find simple solutions to complex problems or large utility’s might benefit from near real time voltage feedback for closed loop voltage control.

While my specific application is in development with my SCADA vendor, your teams willingness to integrate and assist is 2nd to none I have worked with.

OptaNODE® DTM and OptaNODE® HESS products clearly offer out of the box “KISS (Keep it simple stupid) Principles out of the box”.

I am very excited about these products and would recommend all utility’s take a look at them.

My experience with GRID20/20 is one I expect will definitely deliver abilities to meet our utility’s operation goals for many years to come.

Duke Energy Corporation

Our experience here at Duke Energy Corporation, with the GRID20/20 products and their professional representatives, has been nothing but exemplary. The testing of their product on our facilities had some challenges, but the willingness to re-engineer the design of the product to meet our needs has been extraordinary. Their attention to get fixes put in place, has proven to be no less than what a customer oriented business is all about. We look forward to a very productive relationship with GRID20/20 moving forward. They have been great to work with. What I consider to be true professionals.


Prince George Electric Cooperative

Our experiences with the GRID20/20 team have been excellent. The ease of installation for the OptaNODE® DTM devices has been great, and the data value we are seeing will be very helpful.

Independence Power & Light

We are making use of the units for monitoring voltage at different locations on our system. They are working well and giving good information.

We also have enjoyed working with your group. Your support has been outstanding.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

We really appreciate the quick response-time from GRID20/20, system enhancements, and the overall continued high level of support!

Inland Power

Inland Power had a need to monitor voltage and get the data every five minutes to support a demand reduction project. The GRID20/20 product was the only one which was able to provide accurate voltage data from the low voltage side of the transformer and do so affordably. The easy, self-contained installation, robust cellular communications and ability to move them around as needed were key factors. They supported our installation and worked closely with our demand reduction vendor to ensure data passed smoothly. I was very impressed with the team from GRID20/20.