Intra-Grid Sensors Gaining Acceptance and Adding Operational Value

Toronto, Ontario — GRID20/20®, Inc., a leading Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM) intra-grid sensor provider released information concerning its ongoing project efforts with EnWin Utilities in Windsor, Ontario Canada.

The demonstration project is now expanding to fifty (50) patented sensors, with plans to grow to one hundred fifty (150) or more during the summer months.

Scott Bussing, VP Sales GRID20/20 stated, “We have worked closely with the tremendous team at EnWin Utilities to fine tune the deployment process of our sensors. Our goal remains to drive meaningful value for EnWin Utilities, and their customer base.”

As part of the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Smart Grid Fund, this demonstration project is gaining momentum within the Ontario market.  It is clear there are plans to continue to add more of GRID20/20’s patented intra-grid sensors to further enhance power service delivery and quality for utilities’ end users.

Dragan Savic, Distribution Engineer at EnWin Utilities commented, “The GRID20/20 devices that we are utilizing to gain further insight into our grid have proven to be a powerful tool for us. We are able to have more vision into the system as a whole, such as the loading directly at the transformer, improved transformer health monitoring, better understanding of system losses and we are looking at ways to use this information to improve our outage notifications.  The team at GRID20/20 has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to our continued partnership.”

Said Bussing with regard to the purpose of the demonstration project, “GRID20/20 delivers a growing list of value propositions and cost savings advantages for utilities worldwide. We are pleased to collaborate with the Ontario Ministry of Energy and EnWin Utilities to advance grid intelligence in a myriad of ways, and introduce our solution into this tremendous marketplace.”

GRID20/20 has created its OptaNODE® DTM intra-grid sensor suite to leverage the strategic value of data available at distribution transformers. Needed services such as enhanced outage notification, transformer asset health monitoring, preventive maintenance awareness, detection of renewable resources being added to the grid, and power loss identification represent a portion of the benefits addressed by the GRID20/20 solution.

The demonstration project occurring at EnWin Utilities will continue through November 2015.

GRID20/20 has been participating in deployment activities with three utilities located within Ontario, Canada; two of which are partially sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Smart Grid Fund initiative.

The company’s engineering corps is located in Toronto, its manufacturing and primary consulting services are based in Ontario, and its corporate offices are located in Richmond, VA USA. Through its unique product line, configuration, and market approach, GRID20/20 has logged initial deployment activity within six (6) countries, and expects more international activity in the coming months.  GRID20/20 has successfully reported more than 10 million intra-grid data reads to its growing list of utility customers.