Fierce Innovation Awards: Energy Edition Announces Winners

GRID20/20 recognized for leadership in Distribution Transformer Monitoring

Richmond, VA– November 17, 2015 – GRID20/20, Inc. announced today that it has been recognized by this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards: Energy Edition, a unique industry awards program powered by the publisher of Smart Grid News. GRID20/20, Inc. received top honors in the “Distribution Transformer Monitoring” category.

Winners were selected by an exclusive panel of judges which included: Lisa Davidson, Director of Customer Programs, San Diego Gas & Electric; Joseph E. Svachula, Vice President of Smart Grid and Technology, Commonwealth Edison; Dr. Steven Pratt, Chief Technology Officer, CenterPoint Energy; Jason Handley, Director of Smart Grid Emerging Technology and Operations, Duke Energy; Joe Solari, Director of IT Smart Grid Technologies, Ameren Corporation; Laney Brown, Director of Smart Grid Initiatives, Iberdrola USA; and Elizabeth Murphy, Vice President of External Affairs, PECO.

Judges evaluated submissions based on technology innovation, financial impact, market validation, ability to integrate into existing network environments, and end-user customer experience.

GRID20/20 is being recognized for its industry-leading and innovative product, the OptaNODE® DTM intra-grid sensor solution.

“We are truly honored to be selected by the esteemed panel of judges as the leading Distribution Transformer Monitoring solution”, said Alan Snook, President of GRID20/20. Snook further commented, “It is fantastic to see the industry continuing to evolve, and now recognizing that our solution provides critical grid management and cost savings information, where AMI and other providers cannot access.”

GRID20/20 provides a unique, patented sensor solution that allows utilities to achieve maximum control and understanding of changing distribution grid conditions. The OptaNODE® DTM intra-grid sensors harvest transformer information, and more importantly provide utilities with critical sensor points throughout the heart of their grid. GRID20/20’s ability to capture and report a host of data points within the most dynamic and vulnerable segment of the grid is becoming a versatile game-changer for utilities around the world. GRID20/20 immediately converts transformers from simple workhorse assets into valuable intelligent nodes.

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About GRID20/20, Inc.

GRID20/20 is a privately-held company focusing exclusively on providing the industry’s Best-In-Class, easiest and fastest to install turnkey intra-grid sensor solution (i.e. OptaNODE® DTM). By leveraging the strategic value of distribution transformers, GRID20/20 has evolved into a globally relevant, ‘plug and play’ capable smart grid solution provider. Value propositions including Distributed Generation monitoring/planning enhancement, Power Theft identification, Asset Supervision/Preventive Maintenance, Accelerated Outage Notification/Restoration, Conservation Voltage Reduction enhancement, GIS mapping refinement, and EV Charging Station impact monitoring are among the growing list. For instances where AMI exists, GRID20/20 adds timely, ongoing, otherwise undetectable data value to further enhance the operator’s smart grid efforts. In Non-AMI utilities, GRID20/20 serves as a Grid-Edge solution, thereby providing exceptional grid monitoring insight, and control capabilities. GRID20/20 is an Ontario Ministry of Energy Smart Grid Fund grant recipient, and a 2015 Smart Grid Product of the Year award recipient.