Richmond, VA — GRID20/20, Inc., a leading distribution transformer monitoring solutions provider announced today the introduction of its pioneering GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY™ solution. By uniquely leveraging existing grid assets, a first-ever “Always-On” outdoor early detection, auto-notification, fire prevention, and public safety defense canopy can be rapidly and cost-effectively deployed by utility operators.

“Grid asset failure-induced wildfires, lightning strikes, arson, etc. have led to unprecedented costs and destruction in recent years. Loss of life, first responder and civilian injury, environmental damage, massive fire suppression costs, and enormous liability expenses have caused all of us to experience a sickening feeling when it comes to fire-driven disasters. But, by leveraging our existing overhead distribution transformer fleets, we can now help to reduce or possibly eliminate some of these nightmare occurrences”, said Alan Snook, President GRID20/20.

GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY detects Outdoor Smoke, Fire, Ambient Temperature, and Humidity changes commonly associated with fires and wildfires. The solution delivers Automated Alerts to utility operators and first responders. During unfolding public safety events, GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY will also serve as a Situational Awareness resource. And, this unparalleled fire mitigation solution also provides critical Prevention data to operators; proactively forewarning of developing grid asset failures and high-risk intra-grid conditions.

In June 2020, GRID20/20’s Advanced Transformer Infrastructure (ATI) sensors detected and tracked a dangerous, downed primary conductor incident. The company then fine-tuned its critical-alerting capability to accelerate operator (and first responder) awareness involving future downed conductor events. GRID20/20 then developed its game-changing GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY solution; by uniquely enhancing its patented, time-proven Advanced Transformer Infrastructure (ATI) offering, commonly deployed on overhead transformers.

“While developing critical-alerting capability for downed conductors was a great achievement, we didn’t stop there”, commented Snook. “We quickly realized that every overhead transformer location throughout the grid represents a critical role in protecting people. To this end, we added fire-detection capability to our existing ATI intra-grid sensor platform. Our novel fire mitigation and public safety defense solution will report outdoor smoke detection, ambient temperature changes indicative of asset fires and wildfires, humidity changes, and ground surface or wildfire temperatures occurring below and nearby host power poles. Our patented intra-grid sensors will help to early detect asset fire and wildfire instances, and our Critical Alerts capability will expedite fire awareness and response for the authorities. Response time is paramount to fire mitigation and public safety, and our GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY™ solution will address this vital game-changing capability.

Snook noted, “We are presenting the utility industry, state authorities and federal officials with a ubiquitous Fire Mitigation and Public Safety Defense solution to help save countless lives, save billions of dollars per year in fire suppression costs, reduce massive environmental damage, decrease harmful Greenhouse Gas emissions, and enable operators to actively reduce potentially devastating liabilities risk associated with ever-increasing fire and wildfire incidents.”

In closing remarks, Snook said, “It’s time that we successfully leverage existing grid architecture to everyone’s advantage. GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY presents a first-ever, “Always-On” outdoor fire safety net canopy spanning across our communities. This solution will enable utility operators to better protect their customers and service territories from perennial wildfire occurrences and other public safety threats. And our critical Situational Awareness value will benefit operators, first responders, and related authorities.”