Clean Tech Causing Grid Management Challenges

Richmond, VA —GRID20/20, Inc., a leading distribution transformer monitoring solutions provider announced today the release of its Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Case Study involving Hawaiian Electric Company.

“Following several years of ongoing successful collaboration with Hawaiian Electric, we have established yet another critical importance for extracting unique, timely, accurate information from within the distribution grid”, stated Alan Snook, President GRID20/20.

As rooftop solar penetration continues to advance throughout the U.S. and beyond, planning engineers are now realizing that Distributed Energy Resources (DER) can result in excessive, potentially unsafe and de-stabilizing voltage levels within their distribution grids. These unplanned impacts require access to reliable intra-grid information. Through their patented, industry leading intra-grid sensor solution, GRID20/20 is paving the way for the global industry’s planning engineers to cost-effectively gain access to key data. This unique information allows utility operators to appropriately respond to the unanticipated, emerging grid management challenges being presented by the clean tech advancement.

The Hawaiian Electric Companies’ recently approved Grid Modernization Strategy signals their intended commitment to further embrace aggressive Greenhouse Gas emission reduction goals, and strategically outfit their grid with cutting-edge technology. GRID20/20’s mention within the companies’ PUC-approved grid modernization proposal signals continued collaboration between the companies.

GRID20/20 provides previously unavailable, timely data acquisition from within the heart of distribution grids. Critical information is routinely gathered at the transformer level, then securely delivered to utility operators. In the case of DER-impacted utilities, this unique data is then used to understand fluctuating intra-grid voltage levels and unplanned reverse energy loading impacts, while also identifying and monitoring ongoing bi-directional energy flows. Collectively, operators then have the ability to properly maximize grid asset planning and ongoing management practices. This visibility into the distribution grid revolutionizes utility operators’ awareness and understanding of the perpetually changing intra-grid dynamics, thereby permitting the safe continuation of DER integration.

Snook mentioned, “Hawaiian Electric is doing amazing work that will benefit the entire industry, and we are humbled to be assisting them. As a result, GRID20/20 has now proven its value within the DER niche. We certainly look forward to generating similar Case Study success stories and continuing our pioneering effort to help optimize energy efficiency throughout the global industry.”