Sensors help to monitor fluctuating voltages and reverse energy impacts

Richmond, VA — GRID20/20, Inc., a leading distribution transformer monitoring solutions provider, announced today that Maui Electric Company is strategically deploying its sensors throughout key areas of its electrical grid to help identify and monitor fluctuating voltages and reverse power conditions resulting from extensive rooftop solar installations on certain circuits in Maui County.

“We are impressed by the strategic efforts Maui Electric is taking to ensure that safe and stable grid conditions are maintained where distributed energy resources, like rooftop solar, are making an impact on the overall quality of power delivered to all customers on a circuit,” said Alan Snook, president of GRID20/20.

Maui Electric has strategically installed GRID20/20 OptaNODE® sensors to gain visibility on circuits with high levels of penetration of distributed energy resources. The sensors enable timely data acquisition, such as accurate voltage readings, that is gathered at the transformer level. This critical information is then autonomously communicated to a central point, and used by Maui Electric to identify and monitor bi-directional energy flows and voltage variation to ensure that a steady and reliable quality of power is delivered to customers at all times.

“The end result is improved visibility of what’s happening on our electrical system in real-time, so we can maintain stable and reliable power delivery to homes and businesses on heavily penetrated circuits while still integrating more rooftop solar,” said Sharon Suzuki, president of Maui Electric.

Given the forward-thinking approach and proactive actions demonstrated by Maui Electric’s leadership, it is clear there is serious focus on delivering a superior service to Maui County customers. By leveraging the GRID20/20 solution, Maui Electric will continue establishing industry best practices for safe and effective distributed generation management.

Snook added, “With the White House’s recent announcement to substantially expand solar penetration among low and middle income homes, plus the declining cost of solar installation, GRID20/20 is perfectly poised to help utilities, like Maui Electric, embrace the serious grid demands presented by existing and future renewable energy deployments. This is just one more example of how we help utilities to get in front of serious challenges rather than waiting for safety and stability issues to arise.”

By offering the easiest to install device in its class, GRID20/20’s patented sensor technology delivers a vast, growing list of meaningful value propositions for electric utility operators worldwide.