Advanced Transformer Infrastructure (ATI) is a required foundational element of Grid Modernization. The following resources support this important reality.



GRID20/20 recognized by Zpryme Nov 7, 2017

GRID20/20 selected by Zpryme, Austin Energy, and Austin Technology Incubator as the 2017 Smart Cities and Smart Utilities Pilot Pitch competition winner.


Instant Smart Transformers Nov 4, 2017

Throughout the history of electricity grids, distribution transformers have been regarded as low-level assets [...]


Intra-Grid Sensors Monitor the Clean Tech SuperGrid™ Sep 15, 2017

Intra-grid sensors are required to ensure that a stable, reliable Clean Tech SuperGrid is operating at maximum capability and capacity. [...]


The Clean Tech SuperGrid™ Has Arrived Sep 8, 2017

The quest for a smart grid, advanced grid or intelligent grid continues throughout the world. And, for good reason. But thus far, we have admittedly fallen short of the promises of a truly ‘smart grid’ [...]


Unlocking the power of data to monitor and manage energy flow Apr 20, 2017

Gaining greater control over fluctuating grid conditions is an emerging imperative for LDCs as they transition from one-way deliverers of power to two-way, networked electricity generators, distributors and managers. [...]


GRID20/20 Completes Verizon LTE Integration Apr 5, 2017

GRID20/20 has successfully added Verizon LTE cellular communications to its patented intra-grid sensor solution suite.


Maui Electric Leverages GRID20/20 Solution Sep 27, 2016

Maui Electric is strategically deploying sensors throughout key areas of its electrical grid to help identify and monitor impacts from rooftop solar installations [...]


Ontario's Smart Grid Success Story Sep 22, 2016

Upon conclusion of the pioneering intra-grid sensor solution project, the Ontario Ministry of Energy recognized GRID20/20 as a Success Story [...]


The Smart Grid's Missing Link is No Longer Missing Aug 23, 2016

Intra-grid sensors are rapidly emerging as an integral component within the ongoing smart grid revolution. GRID20/20 was asked by Electric Energy T&D Magazine to provide [...]


GRID20/20 and SMUD tag team Power Theft Aug 16, 2016

Intra-Grid Sensors Identify Nearly $400K of Illicit Activity.

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